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Become a master bread baker without messing up your kitchen!
Five carefully crafted mini-games immerse children into five important steps in bread making - Seeding, Harvesting, Milling, Mixing & Baking."

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English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese and Lithuanian
Fingerfun offers voiceovers and in-game text in these languages. Play in mother tongue language and allow your child to play around with other languages as well!
Fingerfun addresses physical area of a child’s development and is designed to help toddlers improve their fine motor skills in the most fun way possible.
Four magical worlds are hidden under covers that can be lifted by simultaneously pressing on a pattern of buttons. Developed in cooperation with experienced kindergarten teachers and already loved by children in kindergartens this application is ready for you!
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Preschool development
Generation of smart devices.
We grew up as the television generation who could not resist it no matter if allowed by the parents or not. The same way, the preschool children of today are going to be the generation of tablets, touch screens, always connected to the internet, cloud, etc. The main question is how to use these technologies for good development of our children. Our games are backed by educational theories and developed in cooperation with PhD level scholars, which guarantees the best quality and value for your toddlers.
Five areas of child development
Children that can start playing computer games are those between 2 and 6 years. This is the so-called preschool age. They have non logical, non reversible, egocentric thinking. A child of this age should be called "the Explorer". These preschool children understand the world in a motosensoric way, perceive other children as objects and are a real concern for the parents (especially at the age of two :)). The development of a child is balanced when skills equally develop in the following five areas
Later, after 6 years of age, a child communicates with more children and the social/herd skills development takes place. But till that time, a toddler has many more basic skills to develop.
All of the most popular preschool education methods - Montesorri, Waldorf, Forest kindergartens – embrace education where the learning is not forced and teaching is not presented as direct education itself.
All modern pedagogies agree
that best education comes
through play.
We leverage the possibilities of touchscreen devices and create educational games that address one or more of the identified educational areas. We hope you will enjoy our games and they will help your children grow, hence our slogan –
Learn, play, grow!
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